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If you are searching for approaches to take your mobile testing methodology here by giving a lot of collections of the best and top Open Source Mobile Test Automation Tools that you can use to test mobile applications and websites on mobile devices. Some of these open source mobile test automation tools can be utilized for Android and iOS and it additionally Web, Native, and Hybrid.

An enormous number of Automation Tools for mobile test have been developed as of late to support mobile advancement. As more organizations are creating mobile items and the commercial center is seeing more versions, devices, and platforms, testing your mobile applications is more critical. When it comes picking what mobile testing tools are a good fit for you, there is an immense exhibit of choices, each with various qualities and weaknesses.

There are numerous positives to go for test automation. This incorporates minimizing test execution time, guaranteeing bigger scope in less time in critical release stages, dependable and repetitive runs during product improvement stage to guarantee no relapse issues are presented. Additionally, it minimizes errors of human blunder or carelessness while doing monotonous relapse testing cycles.

The different number of best Open Source Automation Tools due to their free of cost, accessibility alternative and also individuals likes to move towards acquiring or having a thought of business automation tools also due to their enhanced components and various stages in conditions. In any case, as it is especially very much expressed that business automation testing devices are entirely costly and analyzers, who have great bucks, lean towards buying these business testing tools.

Along these lines, here in this blog, let’s have a sound look on best and top most Open Source Mobile Test Automation Tools that are used to test your mobile applications.

1.Appium (Android and iOS)

Appium is an open source test automation system and crossover applications on iOS and Android stages. Local applications are those composed utilizing the iOS or Android SDKs.
Mobile web applications are web apps got to utilizing a mobile program. The Appium is a free tool. It underpins Android forms from 2.3 and later. Appium uses WebDriver interface for tests running. It bolsters numerous programming languages, for example, Java, C#, Ruby and other which are in the WebDriver library.  This mobile testing tool helps to utilize JSONWireProtocol inside to communicate with iOS and Android applications utilizing Selenium’s WebDriver.

  • It can organize Safari and Chrome on mobile devices. This permits testing mobile websites utilizing Appium and these programs.
  • This automation tTools for mobile test always supports multiple languages.
  • Cross platform script development.
  • Does not require Source code access.
  • It supports script recording on Mac.
  • Large community support.
  • It supports for ‘Selendroid’ by Appium Server desktop application.
  • It supports physical device as well as Emulators.

2. Robotium (Android)

Robotium is a best open source automation tools for mobile test that testing structure for creating useful, framework and acknowledgment test scenarios. It is fundamentally the same as selenium, however just for android. It’s recorded under Apache License 2.0. All the while it gives the full scope of backing to Android local and the half and half applications. This development and testing application tools help analyzers to work with a program discovery UI test cases and dark box test cases for Android applications.

As a result of simplicity and capacity to make effective and vigorous automation scenarios, it’s picking up notoriety in the test automation group. It utilizes runtime official to GUI segments subsequently. It introduces an experiment suite as an application on android device or emulator and henceforth gives the genuine environment for execution of tests. It has no remote control and there is a choice of testing applications without sources, however, the procedure is nontrivial.

  • This best open source automation tools for mobile test is very simple to write mobile test scripts in minimal time.
  • Automatically follows current activity.
  • Automation of pre-installed apps is possible.
  • The best open source mobile testing automation tools more support for Dialogs, Activities, Menus, Context Menus and other Android SDK controls.

3. Frank (iOS)

Frank permits you to write organized content test and acknowledgment mobile tests and requirements as well as have them execute against your iOS application. It is likewise incorporated a capable “application investigator” that you can use to get definite data for your running application.

Frank to the point gives you the capacity to run your BDD tests against your iOS application since it acts like a connector that interfaces your application to Cucumber.

  • Test situations are composed of justifiable English sentences with help of cucumber system.
  • This mobile testing tool active community support.
  • (Symbiote)Live inspection tool is included.
  • It is a best open source mobile testing automation tools continually expanding library and show efficient when the team is having a practice on a web automation system with selenium, cucumber.

4. Calabash (Android and iOS)

Calabash is a computerized acceptance testing structure kept up by Xamarin and Calabash comprising and can be contrasted and Selenium Web Driver. Be that as it may, it is vital to understand that collaborating with a web application from a desktop computer is boundlessly not quite the same as associating with a local application utilizing a touch screen. It is utilized to perform Automated Functional Testing for mobile local applications. It comprises two open-source libraries, such as one for Android and another for iOS for testing local and crossover applications and additionally it might give the APIs to specific for touch screening experiences.

  • It is a best open source Automation Tools for mobile test is one of the large Community Support.
  • Large and enthusiastic community.
  • It also supports all actions on the screen such as swipe, pinch, rotates, and tap.
  • This mobile testing tool is very simple and expressive English like test statements.

5. UIAutomator (Android)

The UI Automaton mobile testing structure gives you a chance to test your (UI) product by making mechanized useful UI test cases that can be kept running against your application on one or more devices.

This library comes into work with android SDK. Numerous tutorials are accessible for apprentices to begin. Preferred standpoint is it gives extraordinary benefits to Junit test cases while racing to get to various procedures. Despite the fact that it’s great and easier for local application automation.

  • It is one of the best open source mobile testing automation tools it helps to Library supported and maintained by Google group of people.
  • The mobile testing tool is very easy and simple learn tutorials are available.
  • The third party paid integration with cloud-based test management obtainable.

6. MonkeyTalk (Android and iOS)

MonkeyTalk automates real, practical and intuitive tests for iOS and Android applications everything from basic smoke tests to complex information is driven test suites. Mobile, Local, and cross breed application, genuine devices or test systems. It is the versatile application testing device of Automation Tools for mobile test that gives the capacity to robotize utilitarian tests for Android applications. This best open source tool supports Mobile Test Automation Tools and the additional information is driven test suites.

7. MonkeyRunner (Android)

Permits you to perform functional application testing, giving API for dealing with the gadget. The best open source mobile testing automation tools are not as cutting edge as Robotium and doesn’t need the source code of the application. The Automation Tools for mobile test device comprises of three modules: MonkeyRunner to oversee associations with the gadgets, MonkeyImage to accumulate screenshots for cutting edge test reporting, MonkeyDevice to oversee applications and occasions. MonkeyRunner permits making test scripts with Python or simply record and playing them.

It is one of those very propel Android tests application tools that start an Application Programming Interface (API) to be utilized for composting projects to help developers mechanize and control a wide range of practical experiments of Android gadgets. MonkeyRunner’s trying apparatus is absolutely composed in Python programming languages where this test automation application device doesn’t bolster source code and this is the motivation behind why analyzers don’t generally require much learning of source code programming.

8. iOS UI Automation (iOS)

Utilize the best Open Source Automation Tools for mobile test to computerize UI tests for your iOS application through test scripts that you compose. These scripts recreate client activities by calling UI Automation. When you mechanize tests of UI associations, your free basic staff, and assets to other work. Along these lines, you minimize procedural mistakes and abbreviate the measure of time expected to create item upgrades.

  • iOS UI Automation is Apple’s open-source test automation framework specifically for iOS apps.
  • UI Automation does not work well with other tools, methodology, and framework as it is a proprietary tool.
  • JavaScript programming interface is used to specify actions to be performed on device UI.
  • This mobile testing tool helps to automate interface tests through test scripts.
  • It helps to decrease procedural efforts and time needed for software product development.

9. Sikuli

It is another Open Source Mobile Test Automation Tools for robotizing GUI testing. It’s an open cross-stage visual environment for making scripts, arranged on the programming of realistic interface with the help of pictures. It’s quirk for the script that sets the progression of activities permits to utilize screenshots, so with a specific end goal to press a catch, you would just need to include the screenshot of this catch to the script.

10. Selendroid (Selenium for Android)

Selendroid additionally an open-source system at the same time cooperate with different gadgets and emulators. This is a best open source mobile testing automation tools it driven of UI of local and in addition half and half applications furthermore mobile web consequently the test ought to be composed by means of Selenium 2 customer API. Test code of Selendroid depends on Selenium 2 and WebDriver API.

Performing best Open Source Automation Tools for mobile test calendars are truly not that simple undertaking to manage as it requires a researching, legitimate arranging, arranging and practices to make the testing performance effective. Along these lines, there is unquestionably a need to procure a legitimate and right IOS and Android application developer who forces solid abilities for the open source testing process. An analyzer ought to forces high order over data innovation abilities and on different applications on which they are planning to perform the testing operation.


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